Qyno Deseeded Dates (Box) | Qyno Dates

Qyno Deseeded Dates (Box) | Qyno Dates
Qyno dates

Qyno Deseeded Dates (Box) | Qyno Dates

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Lion Qyno deseeded dates are the epitome of perfection. They are seedless and sweet making them extremely easy and tasty to consume. With Lion Qyno dates, we have everything covered for everyone who cares about their health as well as deliciousness. Lion Qyno Dates brings you the best dates from the Iraqi farms, hand-selected and packaged just for you. Smooth, meaty, and mildly sweet.

Product Benefits :

  • Qyno deseeded dates are the ideal choice for you as they are packed with nutrients like superfoods.
  • Qyno deseeded dates has a flavour similar to caramel.
  • Qyno deseeded dates have a very crispy texture.
  • Qyno deseeded dates flavour is mildly sweet, buttery, nutty, and has a faint tang that reminds of dried apricots.
Direct from India’s largest Dates processing company, Lion Dates. Offering a wide array of health-related products, the brand has grown to become trusted across 28 states and 7 union territories. Lion's products are certified by ISO 22000:2018, FSSAI & HACCP.
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