Lion Kimia Dates 1kg (500 g+500 g)

Rs. 390.00

Have a sweet craving? Lion Dates Kimia Dates is all you need to satiate your sugar rush. Our creamy, rich, silky, black, healthy, and indulgent Kimia Dates are delicious, guilt-free and highly nutritious munchies that you can keep on munching all day long.

Product benefits:

  • Encourages healthy digestion
  • Enriched with abundant antioxidants.
  • Enhances brain functionality.
  • Improves heart health.
  • It protects against microbial infections.

Energy (kcal): 319
Protein (g): 3.24
Carbohydrate (g): 76.19
Of which sugar (g): 73.8
Total Fat (g): 0.16
Dietary Fiber (g): 4.69
Sodium (mg): 3.76
Potassium (mg): 63.64
Calcium (mg): 33.4
Iron (mg): 3.4

* Note: The above-mentioned values are just the approximate values

Store under refrigeration.

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