The Dates, you know. The types you don't

Hello Peeps! We all know dates only as fruit, but it is beyond that.

The Middle East considers dates heavenly or holy fruit; the date palm is known as the "Tree of Life." Dates are the oldest fruits. According to historians, the dates started cultivating about 8,000 years ago. Dates come in distinct forms and flavours but have the same nutritional value. Let us take a quick read on its types.

  • Lion royal dates

  • From: Jordan

    Texture & Taste: Super soft & juicy


    • Long-lasting energy 
    • Stress fighter
    • Aids in bone health
  • Lion desert king dates

  • From: Oman

    Texture: Plumpy & moist


    • Reduces Cholesterol (LDL)
    • Improves Hormone 
    • Guards DNA
  • Desert Queen Dates

  • From: Saudi Arabia

    Texture & Taste: Tender & naturally sweet


    • Best for weight loss
    • Stress fighter
    • Bone health
  • Delicacy Dates

  • From: Saudi Arabia

    Texture & Taste: Naturally sweet & Extremely juicy 


    • Improves bone health 
    • Improves brain function 
    • Maintains Blood sugar level
  • Diamond Dates

  • From - Saudi Arabia

    Texture & Taste- Sweet & fleshy


    • Improves neural transmission  
    • Lower cholesterol level
    • Reduces disc degeneration

    Such wide varieties of dates are available in the market. To those who are looking forward to trying multiple flavours of dates at one go, check out the authorized online store of Lion dates and get all your delicious dates.