Everything you need to know about Qyno dates

If you're looking to add a delicious and healthy date flavour to your diet, Zahidi dates are the perfect option for you.They're loved for their intense flavour, chewy texture, and long shelf life. In this article, we'll provide you everything you need to know about Zahidi dates, from the history to the nutritional benefits.


In 1902 the Zahidi date palm was first brought to the United States,in California's arid desert-like climate. Dates are considered to have a history dating back 4,000 B.C., and they are one of the oldest cultivated crops. The locally cultivated Zahidi date palm, which is available only at farmers' markets ,it is a rare delicacy that originates from today's Iraq.


Zahidi's dates are oval in shape, with a medium size. They have a thick, golden inner flesh that surrounds a single seed and has pale brown skin. They have a significantly lower sugar content when compared to the Medjool, which is widely regarded as the standard in the date industry. The Zahidi date has a somewhat sweet, nutty, and buttery flavour with a mild tang and it is chewy and semi-dry in texture.


In the autumn and winter, Zahidi dates are available.

Nutritional value

Zahidi dates are a rich source of dietary fibre and are extremely nourishing. They're full of iron, potassium, vitamin B, flavonoids, antioxidants, and practically all twenty amino acids.

Current facts

The Zahidi date palm, scientifically known as Phoenix dactylifera, belongs to the Arecaceae family. The Zahidi is regarded to be a semi-dry variation of the three kinds of dates, dry, semi-dry, and soft. Because of its light flavour and pale tan colour, it is sometimes referred to as the "butter date."

Health benefits

  • Dates from the Zahidi variety are rich in nutrients that may help combat osteoporosis and lower blood fat levels, which is why they're considered beneficial to the human body.
  • Improving liver health and lowering the danger of cardiovascular disease.
  • Helps to increase brain power and improve learning capacity in the developing foetus.
  • Colds, soar throats, and other cold illnesses are prevented and treated.


The Zahidi has a chewy consistency that works well for baking date inclusions in recipes. It retains its structural integrity in cookies, cakes, and breads as a semi-soft variety. It may be used in sweets or savouries, or just as a raw snack, because of its delicate flavour.


Zahidi dates are best for health and one of the sweetest dates to taste.They offer many benefits like high antioxidant content that helps protect from diseases. We named zahidi dates as Lion qyno dates.

 Lion qyno dates are specially made to make eating dates easier. The seed has been removed, which makes them easier to chew and digest. And the fruit is tender and has a delicious flavour that you won't find in ordinary dates. So, whether you're looking for an easy snack or a delicious date treat, Lion qyno dates are the perfect option!