Dates increase milk supply. Is it a myth or fact?

Hey new mommies, we know how tiring yet beautiful your days and nights are with your newborn, especially during nursing, which cherishes and uplifts the bond between you and your baby. 

By now, your motherly instincts would have been activated and figured out that good nutrition is mandatory to boost the lactation supply in your body. Also, the best strategy to ensure a sufficient milk supply for your baby is to consume wholesome meals and snacks. Speaking of wholesome snacks, so many snacks pop up in your mind, and I am sure dates would be one of them. 

It is a fact that dates are a good source of nutrients that stimulates lactation. Its natural sugars, fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals like iron, potassium, and calcium are believed to help increase milk production and improve the quality of breast milk. 

Dates are the best source of nutrients like iron, calcium, and fiber, which are required for breast milk production. Let us not waste time and take a quick read on multiple ways how you can have dates for meals, snacks & energy drinks.

  • Dates Sugar
  • Dates Syrup
  • Dates Halwa
  • Chocodates

    Dates Sugar

    Date sugar is a natural sweetener made of grinding dried dates. It is the best replacement for white sugar in your milk and other foods with white and brown sugar. The dates sugar has no artificial sweeteners or additives. It aids in quick digestion and stimulates bowel movement. 


    Dates Syrup

    Time to keep the processed energy drink away and replace it with syrup extracted from premium-quality dates. Dates syrup can be added to milk, juice, and smoothies. The syrup helps in improving the haemoglobin level in your body. It goes well with waffles, pancakes, crepes, and bread. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, and iron, which helps in milk supply.


    Dates Halwa

    Halwa always has a bigger place in your heart before it enters your taste buds. The dates halwa is a perfectly delicious yet healthy indulgence. A spoonful of it will effortlessly satisfy your sugar cravings. It has no added colors or preservatives. Lion Dates Halwa is a healthy replacement for other sweets made of adulterated sugar.



    Desserts are always special; when it is made of chocolates and comes with a healthy supplement, it is super special. It is made with the goodness of chocolate, almond, and dates and is an excellent source of instant energy and stamina. Lion chocodates are an ideal post-meal indulgence to treat your sweet tooth.

    Dates contain phytoestrogens, which are plant-based compounds, it simulates the effects of estrogen in the body to increase the milk supply. In addition,  natural sweeteners in dates satisfy the sugar cravings of the breastfeeding mom. Consuming a few dates per day is recommended to boost lactation. 


    Ps: As far as the lactation journey is concerned, it is different for everyone; what work for other may not work for you, be it food, exercise, or anything else. So whatever you do, consult with your gynaecologist or dietician. 

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