5 Types of dates that are best for you

Dates are a favourite fruit of Middle Eastern countries and are sweet, chewy, and very healthy. They are utilized in the form of natural sweeteners in smoothies, shakes, nutritional bars, and other foods all over the globe. Dates are great for your health since they contain many vitamins and minerals. Moreover, there are various sorts of dates across the globe. As a result, today we'll be taking you on a tour to acquaint yourself with the list of dates and their distinctions. 

Zahidi dates

Zahidi dates are a more uncommon variety of dates that are distinguished by their medium size, unusual oval form, and golden amber hue when mature. This date is categorised as semi-dry. Zahidi dates have a light brown exterior and a single seed is wrapped in a thick, golden central flesh. These rare form of dates have an aftertaste of dried apricots and a creamy, nutty flavour that frequently is similar to peanut butter.

Deglet Noor dates

It has a "real" date flavour and is medium to big in size, as the Deglet Noor translates to "date of the night." It's ideal for cooking because its skin changes from amber to a deep brown colour. It comes from Algeria's Tolga oasis and the surrounding towns of Biskra and Oued Righ. It's a late-season ripener. Deglet Noor dates are very soft and considered the "queen of all dates." They're inexpensive and have a sweet honey flavour. Cakes, bread pieces, and cookies are all perfect creations.

Ajwa dates

Ajwa dates are a unique, luxurious kind of date. In essence, these are typically the best and most expensive kind of dates. Ajwa dates are often dark brown to black in appearance, soft, and dry. Compared to most other date kinds, they are a little bit smaller. Some people claim that the Ajwa variant tastes like chocolate caramel. They go exceptionally well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Kimia dates

The most well-known Iranian Date fruit is Kimia Dates. These are rich, black, and melt-in-the-mouth dates, which are a good source of Vitamins and minerals. It helps to improve the nervous system and speed of brain activity, and these dates have one of the highest moisture contents among different types. The presence of potassium content in Kimia Dates helps to prevent diarrhoea as well.

Omani dates

Omani dates are one of the most popular dates because of their dark brown colour and large size. These are juicy and sweet in flavour. As the name indicates that it originates from Oman, the Middle East. They aid in digestion and promote bone health.

Final thoughts

In this blog, we discuss the different types of dates. We hope you learned something new and this will help you in your daily life. Please feel free to post any queries or remarks below.