5 delicious ways to savour your jam

Are you looking for a delicious way to consume your jam? Here are five delicious ways to enjoy your jam! These recipes will have you loving your favourite fruit flavour in new and exciting ways, whether you're a fan of spread on toast or using it to top a cheese and fruit platter. What are you waiting for? Delve in and give our blog a read.

  1. Mix jam with yoghurt

Add some jam to your cup of plain yoghurt and mix it up to make fruit-flavoured yoghurt. You may simply mix flavoured yoghurt together with your choice of jam in a yoghurt cup. This foodie hack provides that extra flavour and sweetness to plain curd or yoghurt, which kids will adore.

  1. Top your ice cream scoops with jam

Jam can easily be used as a decadent topping on your favourite ice-creams, and the best technique is to sandwich them between two scoops. For example Mixed fruit jam pairs well with chocolate ice cream. The options are limitless when it comes to making your vanilla ice cream more appealing, and you may try any jam flavour that strikes your fancy.

  1. Stuff jam inside the French toast

Are you tired of your usual standard French toast recipe? To make some stuffed French toast, stuff your bread pieces with jam and coat them in the egg and milk bath. Your lazy weekend breakfast table will be brightened by the gummy warm French toast.

  1. Use jam as frosting for cupcakes

Don't worry! There's no need to frost your cupcakes with whipped cream, Jam is here! Just grab a spoon and get frosting with jam and you're good to go! To add some fruity freshness to your banana, strawberry, or other fruit cupcakes, jams are naturally sweet and can double as the frostings.

  1. Use jam as ganache for cakes

Jams may also be used as ganache on freshly baked cupcakes or added to cake batter to create colourful designs in cakes. Fill a piping bag with Mango jam and fill the centre of your cupcake with the jam, top it with a cutout section, and frost it with whatever kind of frosting you choose. You may simply spoon some of the jam into the cupcake holes if you do not have a piping bag. To your cupcakes, fruit jams bring a burst of flavour.


One of the best things about jam is the infinite ways you can enjoy it. Whether you're looking for a tart and refreshing taste, a sweet and sticky sensation, or something in-between, we've got you covered with 5 delicious ways to savour your jam! Keep reading to find out which one is your favourite!