Energy Boost

Lion Fruit Squash
Lion Fruit Squash

Lion Fruit Squash

Product Description

Experience the pulpy, juicy, tangy taste of natural and expertly picked Oranges. Beat the heat and quench your thirst but do that with the pleasurable taste of the finest of orange pulps. Relish the taste of health in every mouthful.


Taste real, fresh grape extract in every drop in our very own Lion Grape Squash. Ideal for mocktails and as ice cream and desert topping.


Squash your way out of the shimmering hot summer with the Lion Pineapple Squash. It is 100% pure and made of fresh pineapples with added nutritional values beneficial for balanced diet. A healthy drink, it helps you reduce heat and restore energy into your system.


In this extreme season of heat, a glass of Rose Sharbath is like a divine elixir for both body and mind. And, Lion Rose Sharbath is as luscious as it gets.

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