Lion Dates Halwa

Lion Dates Halwa
Lion Dates Halwa
Lion Dates Halwa
Lion Dates Halwa

Lion Dates Halwa

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Halwa is a sweet confection from the middle east, loved by the world. Lion Dates takes it to a level up by rendering mouth-watering Halwa made from premium quality dates. Dripping with ghee, embellished with dry fruits, and made from the delicious premium quality dates, Lion Dates Halwa could be the perfect dessert that you crave.

Product benefits :

  • Dates are great blood purifiers.
  • The presence of antioxidants helps in attaining a glowing face.
  • Aids in regularising bowel movements.
  • Has vitamin D and A which work on improving skin elasticity.
  • Presence ofย  iron gives an instant boost of energy.

Shelf life: Best before 2 months from manufacture.

Energy (kcal): 421
Protein (g): 2.90
Carbohydrate (g): 71.3
Sugar (g): 51.6
Total Fat (g): 13.8
Saturated Fat (g): 9.45
Trans Fat (g): Nil
Dietary Fiber (g): 6.02
Sodium (mg): 17.8
Potassium (mg): 30
Calcium (mg): 12.3
Iron (mg): 1.05
Cholesterol (mg): 18.45

* Note: The above-mentioned values are just the approximate values

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